Bath Lease Extension Solicitors

Bath is a picturesque city of almost 90,000 people, nestled in the county of Somerset. It’s famous for its Roman baths and Georgian architecture and is a popular place for young families looking to start their lives together.

Given the price of property in Bath [ 2014 saw the overall average price of property in Bath rise to £371,294], it is no surprise that it is home to a particularly large number of leasehold flats – both purpose-built and conversions from older properties.

When any property is owned on a leasehold rather than freehold basis, you effectively own the property for limited period of time – and you don’t own the land it’s built on out right. That means that eventually the lease term will run out and you will know longer own the flat – and in the meantime, year by year, the declining lease term reduces the flats value.

Unless there been a subject of freehold purchase, the vast majority of flats in England and Wales are leasehold.


Your lease term reduces with each and every year. This decreases the market value of your property as well making it increasingly less attractive to potential buyers.

In particular, once you let the lease term slip below 80 years, extending your lease gets rapidly more expensive [that’s because the “marriage value” becomes payable to your freeholder – click here to learn more about that].


The lease extension process can be very long and arduous, so don’t leave it until it’s too late. Your lease stops getting shorter if you choose the formal route and serve the required notice on your freeholder, so don’t delay. What’s more, with property prices increasing you are hit by a double whammy – a shorter term means increased expense as does the increasing in the value of your flat.

In fact we have recently come across some surveyors who estimate that every year you delay extending your lease means you have to pay an extra 12% for your lease extension. That means in around just seven years, extending your lease will cost you double!

Remember: the earlier you extend your lease, the cheaper it will be.


Extending a lease without the advice of a specialist solicitor is never a good move, as you can get burned if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Leasehold extensions usually involve keeping to rigid deadlines – missing one of those, can cause significant difficulties.

What’s more, if your freeholder tries to drag out the process even longer, your fees and stress levels will increase and it could become a whole lot messier. It’s for this reason that it’s essential that you get the right legal advice – from a lease extension specialist.

The law surrounding lease extensions is relatively complex and very few solicitors, even specialist property solicitors, deal with more than the occasional lease extension.

Our team are different. They specialise in lease extension for both leaseholders and freeholders throughout England and Wales – that’s all they do, and that’s why you’ll find us listed as lease extension experts on the website of The Leasehold Advisory Service which is backed by the government, and why we are one of a small number of solicitors who are members of the only organisation for specialist lease extension solicitors – ALEP, the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

Our team also have years of experience of handling difficult freeholders, and are well aware of all the tricks that certain unscrupulous landlords try to play. If it becomes necessary, our team also have plenty of experience in taking cases to the First-Tier Property Tribunal [previously known as the LVT or Leasehold Valuation Tribunal]


Our specialist team will:

  • provide you with FREE initial advice – just call FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 now
  • provide a FREE ESTIMATE of how much your lease extension is likely to cost – including not just the legal and valuation costs but we can also give you an estimate of how much the actual lease extension premium will be..
  • as part of our one-stop shop service, we will identify and instruct on your behalf a local specialist lease extension surveyor who will value your lease extension and can help you to negotiate a reasonable premium for the extension.
  • do all of the paperwork – whether or not a formal notice is required, or whether you have agreed a private and informal lease extension with your freeholder.
  • handle any application to the First-Tier Property Tribunal – in the unlikely event that becomes necessary

With one of our specialist team on board to handle the legal side for you,, the whole process should move much more quickly and sleekly, with you being able to rest assured that a professional is handling matters and will ensure that everything is completed as it should be.


If you live in Bath and you’re thinking of extending your lease, or would like some information as to the potential benefits and costs of doing so, give us a call and our specialist team be more than happy to talk through your options with you – FREE of charge with no strings attached.

Although we are based in Salisbury, we represent clients nationwide – in fact we really meet our clients, and regularly handle hundreds of lease extensions every year by phone email and Skype video

  • So just call us on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 for a FREE initial phone consultation and a FREE quote for your lease extension
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Cardiff Lease Extension Solicitors

Cardiff, as the capital city of Wales, has grown enormously in recent years – not least in the area surrounding the docks, where my grandad worked as a docker in the 1920s. City-wide development has seen it become a hub of business and industry as well as a burgeoning home to the creative arts.

The population of Cardiff grew by a massive 54,000 between the 2001 and 2011 censuses — a growth of 18.5%, which in turn has put upward pressure on property prices. And these two factors are the main reasons why Cardiff has an increasing number of purpose-built flats and buildings converted into flats or apartments

Any flat-owner who allows the term of their lease to dip below 80 years is likely to find themselves facing a high price for their lease extension. That is why it is so important to start the lease extension process sooner rather than later.


People often question the need for a specialist lease extension solicitor in the belief that extending a lease cannot be that complicated. This is a very risky approach. Why?:

• Lease extensions involve complex laws, drafting and tight deadlines

• Your freeholder is almost certain to instruct a specialist lease extension solicitor of their own

• Too many unscrupulous freeholders attempt to out extension discussions when a lease term is approaching the critical 80 year point – so that the lease runs below 80 years and costs far more to extend [click here to find out more about “marriage value” and the 80 year]

• Specialist lease extension solicitors will understand exactly how to help you if your lease extension becomes contentious – and an application to the First Tier property Tribunal [previously known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or LVT) becomes necessary


Many firms let property lawyers with little or no  experience of lease extension cases to “have a go” at lease extensions – we see this a lot and these dabblers often make a complete mess. We think that’s really dangerous and that their clients’ best interests are not protected.

Here at solicitors Bonallack and Bishop, we have a growing team of lease extension specialists. They don’t dabble. Lease extension leasehold enfranchisement and right to manage work is all they do. They are real experts.

You will also find us listed on the government funded Leasehold Advisory Service website one of the small number of law firms who specialise in this area of law. We are also members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, the only organisation of specialist lease extension and enfranchisement solicitors and surveyors.

Click here for real case studies on how we have helped clients with extending leases.

Click here to read about what many of our clients and the specialist values we instruct really think about us.

How we can help

  • Our team provides FREE no obligation initial telephone advice on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544
  • We will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE of how much it’s likely to cost you to extend your lease – which will include a rough idea of the  premium you’re likely to have to pay, along with both the legal and valuation costs.
  • We offer a one-stop shop – as we regularly work alongside specialist lease extension valuers nationwide, we can help you pick the right one and instruct them on your behalf
  • Our team can handle the lease extension process from start to finish –all the way, if necessary, to the First-Tier Tribunal – Property Chamber (Residential Property))


You don’t need to come in and see us to instruct us for your lease extension. We have dealt with many thousands of lease extensions over the years and our clients come from all over England and Wales – and almost all of them never actually meet us in person but stay in contact over the phone, using email or through Skype.

To save yourself worry and expense, start your lease extension process started today by getting in touch with our team –

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Bournemouth Lease Extension Solicitors

Bournemouth has one of the largest number of leasehold flats in the country – which is hardly surprising, given that it is one of the UK’s most beautiful seaside resorts [now with its own premiership football team in AFC Bournemouth!], Bournemouth is a popular place for people to want to live and According to the latest census in 2011, the town has a population of 183,491 . As a result, prices have been pushed higher in recent years, making it difficult for young families and couples looking to get onto the property ladder.

With renting not an ideal long-term solution, many people are turning to leasehold flats as a way of effectively owning their own property without the enormous costs associated with a freehold arrangement. After all, the market price of a freehold property is generally much more expensive than a leasehold deal, which still enables you to own your own home. Owning a leasehold flat does have their downsides, but in an area like Bournemouth they’re ideal for getting that first foot on the housing ladder

But if you own a long leasehold flat in Bournemouth, or indeed anywhere else, then at some stage, that lease will need to be extended, unless you want to lose the ownership of your property and become a renting tenant.


o Extending your lease can prove tricky– there are critical deadlines which can be easy to miss, and The legislation governing lease extensions is particularly hard to interpret

o It’s highly likely that your landlord will appoint their own specialist lease extension solicitor

o Sadly, many landlords simply don’t cooperate when it comes to extending your lease. They might simply try to turn down your request for lease extension or haggle unnecessarily over the price [watch out – this is a particular trick played by far too many landlords when your lease is approaching the critical 80 year term]. Whilst many are perfectly reasonable, if you’re stuck with an awkward landlord, a specialist solicitor can prove essential. They can negotiate a fair price for your lease extension – but if your landlord simply refused to cooperate, they will have the expertise to help you with an application Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

o Your Bournemouth lease extension solicitor can help you gather all the necessary information for your, lease extension, help in appointing the right t surveyor value your lease extension, draft all the necessary legal documents and sort out all post-completion matters


Only a handful of law firms specialise in lease extension. Most property solicitors will, at most, only have handled the odd lease extension in their career – and in our experience, sadly they often don’t know what they’re doing.

Here at Bonallack & Bishop, we have all the leasehold extension expertise you need. We have a team of three dedicated  UK lease extension specialists with a history of helping thousands of to extend their lease over the last 25 years.

We are also members of ALEP- the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, the only national organisation of specialist lease extension surveyors and solicitors – and are listed as specialists in lease extension on the website of the Leasehold Advisory Service [an organisation funded by Government providing legal advice to leaseholders].

But you don’t need to take our word for it – here is a testimonial about Niki Adkins ,one of the members of our team, from a Poole based surveyor who specialises in lease extensions.

“ I have worked alongside Niki on numerous lease extensions and have been impressed by her efficiency, regular communication and knowledge of the subject.”

Stephen Higley, Smith Robinson Higley Ltd, Chartered Surveyors, Poole


We run most of our leasehold extensions cases without needing to see you – taking by e-mail, phone and Skype video – though we are equally happy if you want to come into the office to see us.

We can give you a quote for your lease extension and answer your initial queries by email – or we can arrange to ring you back at a time convenient to you, if you prefer.

So for FREE initial phone advice about your lease extension, get in touch with our team by

  • Complete the email contact form below,
  • Or call us now on [01202] 834450 or free  on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544

Manchester Lease Extension Solicitors

Manchester is the third largest city in England after London and Birmingham, and is home to more than 515,000 people. Although the city had long been neglected, it has boomed in recent years with enormous cultural developments and infrastructure projects including the new MediaCityUK building in Salford, home to the BBC.

What’s more, Manchester’s has seen an increasing number of privately owned leasehold flats and apartments – either purpose-built, converted from older purposes or bought from the council and social landlords

And everyone of those flat is going to need a lease extension at some time.

If you own the leasehold on a flat in Manchester, the chances are that you will need to extend your lease sooner rather than later. Putting off your lease extension will only lead to more expense when you eventually get round to it, so it is important that you act now.


The importance of instructing a specialist lease extension solicitor must not be underestimated. Lease extensions are highly specialist areas of property law and the relevant legislation is very complicated.

Many solicitors may believe that they have enough expertise to take on lease extension work only to find themselves struggling to meet their clients’ needs due to the complexity of the legal work. This is not the case with our accredited lease extension experts.

There are many deadlines involved in lease extension work and if one of these is missed it can cause enormous problems.

Furthermore, interacting with difficult landlords requires experience and a detailed knowledge of lease extension law. Sometimes landlords will attempt to stall negotiations so that it will cost the leaseholder far more to complete the lease extension process.

Solicitors must be able to identify these tricks and take the matter to first-tier property Tribunal [previously known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal] if necessary.


If you choose our leasehold extension solicitors you can be sure that you are appointing accredited experts. The Leasehold Advisory Service which is backed by the government lists us as lease extension experts. We are also members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

We have a team of five lease extension experts.  Extending residential leases is all they do – with around 350 lease extensions being completed nationwide out by us each year.

So with our in-depth knowledge of the legal process,  you can trust us with the complicated drafting of documents and tight deadlines associated with your lease extension.


Our expert Lease Extension team can advise you wherever you live in the UK and we don’t even need to see you – taking your instructions by e-mail, phone and Skype video.

Don’t risk appointing a solicitor who doesn’t specialise in this complex field.

For a FREE initial phone consultation and a FREE quote for your lease extension,

  • Simply, call our team now on FREEPHONE 0800 14045440 or,
  • Fill out the contact form below to start receiving advice on the lease extension process.

Two new paralegals join our lease extension team

Here at Wiltshire lease extension specialist solicitors, Bonallack and Bishop, we are delighted to welcome two new paralegals to our property team – Dale Bree and Hollie Jarvis. The two roles are both brand-new and reflect the rapid expansion of our property work.

Dale & Hollie ResizedDale, a graduate of both Exeter University and previously Brighton Institute of Modern Music, joins us, having completed his legal practice course. He will work exclusively as part of a lease extension team, and he will be gradually trained up to running his own full leasehold extension caseload.

His colleague, Hollie, is well known to us here at Bonallack and Bishop. She previously worked with us for five years at our Andover office in the property as a secretary. After a three-year absence during which she progressed to become a residential property paralegal, Hollie has now returned to us and  is now about to start her training as a Licensed Conveyancer and her role with us will be a mixture of lease extension and residential property.

Senior partner Tim Bishop commented, “I’m absolutely delighted to have these two locally-based paralegals join us. Our property work, and in particular, our lease extension work is expanding rapidly. Last year we helped around 225 leaseholders with extending a lease  – and this year we are on course to open around 350 files – our plans are that within two years we will increase that to 500 lease extensions year.

That means our Salisbury-based lease extension team will need to continue to grow – and there aren’t that many genuine lease extension specialist out there – so we have taken on these two talented young people with the intention of training them up as lease extension specialists. We also in the process of recruiting a specialist lease extension solicitor who we hope will join us in the autumn. It will is very exciting to see our specialist lease extension work rose very quickly.”

Bonallack and Bishop also has offices in Amesbury and Andover. The business was originally founded in 1832, making it one of the Wiltshire‘s longest standing employers.

Own a flat in Wiltshire? Thinking about extending your lease? Contact us today

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, we have the only genuinely specialist lease extension team in Wiltshire.

So, if you are thinking about extending the lease on your flat, and you are looking for specialist legal advice, get in touch with our team. Wherever your flat is based in Wiltshire we will guide you through your leasehold extension – taking your instructions by phone, email or Skype, or in  a face-to-face meeting at our Salisbury office with the lease extension teams based

  • phone us today for free initial advice locally on Salisbury [01722] 422300 or FREEPHONE 0800 1404544  or
  • complete the email contact box below.

Nottingham Lease Extension Solicitors

Do you live in Nottingham? Do you own a leasehold flat? If so, the chances are that you will need to think about a lease extension very soon

Many people are either unaware of the importance of extending their lease or delay extending it for so long that the price of doing so shoots up dramatically. Don’t make the same mistake, start the renewal process today.


The city of Nottingham was estimated to be home to 310,837 people in 2013, with the population of the wider Nottingham area estimated at 729,977. As the largest urban area in the East Midlands (and the second largest in the Midlands), there are more long leasehold flats and apartments in Nottingham than in most towns or cities for many miles. In fact, if you count the population of the entire Nottingham/Derby metropolitan area combined, the population shoots up to more than 1.5 million, with the area having the seventh largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom.

As a university city and an area which has a lower employment figure and a higher than average proportion of disabled people who are out of work, Nottingham has seen the proportion of home owners drop significantly over the last fifteen years, with an increase in rented and leased properties. It should come as no surprise, then, that fifteen years on lease extension is a hot topic in the city of Nottingham.


People are often tempted to try and conduct the leasehold extension process themselves but this is a dangerous game. Lease extension law and procedure is difficult to understand and in order to extend your lease you must meet specific deadlines and draft certain documents. Furthermore, your landlord is likely to instruct a specialist leasehold extension solicitor so you want to make sure that you are on a level playing field.

Whilst most landlords are very agreeable you may find yourself in a position where your landlord is delaying negotiations so that your lease runs below the critical 80 year level, thus costing you more to renew. A  lease extension specialist will be able to spot such underhand tactics and if necessary will be able to take your case to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.


Our solicitors can help in a number of ways. We have contacts with surveyors who will value your lease. We can also manage the timetable for your extension and draft all of the complex legal documents required.

We have a dedicated team of three specialist lease extension solicitors rather than generalist property lawyers trying their hand at lease extensions. Indeed, we are accredited by both the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners and the Leasehold Advisory Service (a government back organisation).


We do not need to be able to see our clients in Nottingham in person in order to conduct their lease extensions. Telephone, email or Skype contact is all we need in order to run your lease extension from start to finish. In fact we are on course to complete around 350 lease extensions this year, for clients throughout England and Wales, most of whom we never meet.

Our team are leasehold extensions experts – so for FREE initial advice on getting a leasehold extension that you can rely on, along with an estimate of the likely costs of extending your lease, please contact us today;

  • Call us for free now on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544, or
  • Send us an email using the contact form below.

Brighton Lease Extension Solicitors

Procrastinating over your lease extension is simply not an option. The costs you incur as a result can be enormous so it is crucial that you instruct a specialist, Brighton lease extension solicitor. If you live in Brighton, our team of experts can help.


Many property lawyers try their hand at extending a lease only once in a blue moon and unfortunately, they often fail to achieve the best outcome for their clients. In order to get the fairest deal for your lease extension you will need a specialist lease extension solicitor like those at our firm. Our solicitors can help you by:

• Bringing together all the information needed for your leasehold extension

• Finding a respected surveyor to value your lease extension

• Drafting documents which will be legally recognised

• Deal with any issues arising immediately after completion

• Negotiating with (often awkward) landlords in order to reach a fair price for your lease extension

• Helping with applications to Leasehold Valuation Tribunals in instances where landlords refuse to co-operate, deliberately stall or agreements cannot be reached.


Our leasehold extension team is formed of 3 expert leasehold extension solicitors with a history of helping clients nationwide with their lease extensions spanning 25 years.

Unlike many property solicitors who claim to be able to do lease extension work, our solicitors are recognised specialists. Not only are we listed as specialists on the government funded Leasehold Advisory Service website but we are members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

But don’t just take our word for it – here is a testimonial from a Hove based specialist lease extension and enfranchisement surveyor, whose business has undertaken over 1500 valuations for lessees and freeholders alike.

“As one of the leading and longest established firm of chartered surveyors specialising in leasehold reform, we have worked with Bonallack and Bishop on many occasions. The process is complex and a procedural minefield. Bonallack and Bishop certainly know the ropes and we have always found them knowledgeable and efficient and a joy to deal with”.

Andrew Pridell, Andrew Pridell Associates Ltd – specialist Lease Extension Chartered Surveyor and Valuer, Hove


Whilst some of our clients like to come and visit us in office, this really is not necessary. In fact for the vast majority of lease extensions we are able to carry out all communication with clients through phone, email or Skype video.

Get in touch with us today and we will be able to give you a quote for how much your UK lease extension may cost or arrange a consultation with you to discuss your situation in depth.

So for FREE initial phone advice about your lease extension,

  • Complete the email contact form below,
  • Or call us now free on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544

Birmingham Lease Extension Solicitors

Birmingham‘s population is now [according to figures released in 2014 by Birmingham Birmingham Lease Extension Solicitors – logo of ALEPCity Council] over 1.1 million people.

And there are probably over 100,000 privately owned flats and apartments – the 2011 Census confirmed that Birmingham contained 86,595 purpose built flats – and that’s before you even start to count up the many thousands of houses  converted into flats over the years.

So with so many leasehold flats in Birmingham, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that it’s a popular area for lease extensions.

However, some people in Britain’s second city will put off extending their lease only to discover that they face far greater expense when they eventually get round to doing so.

Here at Bonallack & Bishop, our specialist solicitors can make sure that you you get a fair deal for your lease extension.

Got a lease extension question? Call our specialist solicitors on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 for FREE initial phone advice – with no strings attached.


Specialist lease extension solicitors, like ours, recognise the complexity of both the law and procedure surrounding lease extensions. You need to keep a really close eye on various deadlines – and the process generally is full of pitfalls for those who don’t know what they doing.

Bearing in mind that your landlord is likely to know a good lease extension solicitor it is advisable that you instruct a specialist yourself in order to put yourself in the best position possible. Your solicitors negotiating skills and ability to collect evidence will be central to getting a fair deal. It is also important that they know good surveyors who can value your lease fairly.

Many unscrupulous landlords will attempt to hold up the negation process for so long (or simply refuse to cooperate at all) so that your lease runs down to the 80 year mark and therefore becomes far more expensive to extent. Our solicitors can spot these tricks and if you landlord is being devious or simply difficult, can take the necessary action and if necessary will be able to help you to apply to the First Property Tribunal [previously known and still often referred to as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or LVT].


There are very few firms in England and Wales who specialise in leasehold extension.

Around 10,000 firms don’t . But we do. And we estimate that in 2018, our team will probably help another 350 leaseholders with their lease extensions.

Our firm comprises a lease extension team made up of highly experienced specialists who have helped thousands of clients around the country over the last 35 years. Unlike other property solicitors who do the occasional UK lease extension, our solicitors deal with them all the time – that means they have the expertise you are going to need.

We are members of the Association of Lease Extension Solicitors and we are acknowledged as specialists on the Leasehold Advisory Service website.

But you don’t just need to take our word for it. Here is a testimonial for our team from one of the country’s most highly regarded lease extension surveyors

“As one of the leading and longest established firm of chartered surveyors specialising in leasehold reform, we have worked with Bonallack and Bishop on many occasions. The process is complex and a procedural minefield. Bonallack and Bishop certainly know the ropes and we have always found them knowledgeable and efficient and a joy to deal with”.

Andrew Pridell, Andrew Pridell Associates Ltd – specialist Lease Extension Chartered Surveyor and Valuer, Hove

Click here if you want to see some more testimonials for the team.


Don’t leave it too long to extend your lease. Get in touch with our specialist solicitors to start the process. Whether you wish to stay in contact via telephone, email or Skype, we are happy to help.

  • Just call us on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 for a FREE initial phone consultation and a FREE quote for your lease extension, OR
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What Are the Powers of the Residential Property Tribunal?

The full name of First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber (Residential Property) is not exactly a short and snappy title. Until 2013 this body was known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or LVT.

The Tribunal has five regional offices around England to give independent help to settle any disputes involving leasehold and rented property. The Tribunal operates in England only; Scotland and Wales have separate systems for resolving this sort of property dispute.

The Tribunal settles specific types of property disputes which would otherwise end up in the Court system, and has powers to settle cases and give everyone cheaper access to justice. Some cases but not all attract a scales of fees, but there is no charge for the Tribunal hearing about disputes regarding the amount which has to be paid to extend a lease or buy the freehold of a building.

The Tribunal does not get involved in any disputes about non-residential properties.

Who sits on the Residential Property Tribunal panel?

Each of the five regions has a Regional Judge, who is assisted by one or more deputy judges and valuers. These people are responsible for the members of the Tribunal and decide which members should take charge of a particular case. Members of the Tribunal are appointed to their positions by the Lord Chancellor.

The Chairman of the Tribunal will be a judge or surveyor. This person looks after the conduct of cases and writes the report giving the Tribunal’s decision.
Other members of the Tribunal could be other professionals, lay people or surveyors.

On occasion the Chairman may sit alone, but it is more common for the Tribunal to be made up of the Chairman and one or two other members.

Powers of the PropertyTribunal

The Property Tribunal decides on many different types of disputes about the valuation when buying the freehold of a property.

The Tribunal can make rulings on:

•    The price which has to be paid when one leaseholder wants to buy the freehold of their property (enfranchising), or wants to extend the lease on their property and cannot come to an agreement over the price with their landlord.

•    The price which should be paid to the landlord when one leaseholder wants to go through the process of leasehold extension for their flat and cannot negotiate a price with the landlord.

•    How much should be paid to the landlord in costs for dealing with any enfranchisement application or leasehold extension.

•    The price which should be paid to the landlord when a group of leaseholders gets together in a collective enfranchisement to buy the freehold of a block of flats and can’t agree on a price with their landlord.

•    If the landholder or freeholder is absent and cannot be found, the Tribunal can make a ruling on the price to be paid for the transfer of the freehold.

•    Tribunals can also make rulings on who is liable to pay administration and service charges, when the payments should be made, and to whom.

•    Varying long leases on flats

•    Whether RTM companies (Right to Manage) have the legal right to be granted the right to manage on the date stated

•    Whether the landlord can modify or dispense with the landlord’s need to consult with their leaseholders before undertaking major work and then asking leaseholders to pay for it through the service charge.

•    When a landlord cannot be located, whether a RTM company can be granted the right to manage

•    The level of costs which can be claimed by a landlord (or anyone else party to the lease except the tenants and the landlord) or managers who are appointed in connection with a Right to Manage

•    The level of service charges to be paid to a RTM company by a third party, manager or landlord

•    Whether there has been a breach in the conditions or in a covenant concerning the lease on a residential property.

Looking for Residential Property Tribunal Advice You Can Rely On? Contact Us Today

Our specialist lease extensions and enfranchisement team can advise you wherever you live in England or Wales – and we don’t even need to see you – taking your instructions by e-mail, phone and Skype video:

  • Just call FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 for a FREE initial phone consultation and a FREE quote, OR
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Lease extension paralegal vacancy


Here at lease extension specialists Bonallack and Bishop, we are looking for a really able full-time paralegal to support our Salisbury-based team.

Our team is one of a very small number of genuine experts in leasehold extension work – we are on course to hit our target of doubling the team’s workload over the next 18 months.

The successful candidate will have good language, IT, communication and numerical skills, great client care and will show the ability to work well as part of a team.

Preference will be given to local candidates.

No previous lease extension experience is required.

Ongoing training

Bonallack and Bishop are happy to consider funding external training with the Institute of Legal Executives for the successful candidate.


We are looking to pay between £15k and £17k – which is dependent on your experience.

To apply for this vacancy, email Bonallack and Bishop’s Senior Partner Tim Bishop at with an accompanying letter and your CV.