Two new members of our lease extension team

Those of you who have been regular readers of this blog will know that recently we set a target of doubling our lease extension work for client nationwide the next couple of years.

Well, while we are certainly not there yet, we are well on the way and as a result I’m really pleased to say that we have already had to expand our specialist leasehold extension team based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The first new member of the expanded team is our excellent trainee solicitor, Jenny Slater. Jenny has been working with the lease extension team since the summer of 2014. She qualifies as a solicitor in September 2015 and she has enjoyed the lease extension work so much that we’ve agreed that not only will she continue to work in the lease extension team up to qualification, but when she qualifies a solicitor, we have offered her a full-time contract as a property lawyer, with the plan that she will spend a considerable amount of her time on lease extension work – as well as gradually taking on responsibility for some of the firms commercial property work. Between now and then, Jenny’s experience in helping our clients with extending a lease will grow and we anticipate that she will  play an increasing role in the team, running an increasing number of lease extension files herself as experience and specialism grows.

I’m personally really pleased to offer Jenny a full-time contract solicitor – I spotted her when she was working as part of our reception team, offered her a job as my marketing assistant [which she did brilliantly] and then took her on as a paralegal and then trainee solicitor.

In addition to Jenny, the team is getting so busy that we have been absolutely delighted to take back on Nikki Callender as the administrative support for our property team. The plan is that much of Nikki’s time will be spent on lease extension work – the team are getting so busy that to continue take on work at the current rate, especially with the plan to continue to increase our leasehold extension caseload, they need more and more admin support. We are really pleased that a significant number of staff who left us over the years, have asked to come back and work for us again – however we are very choosy about the quality of our staff, and as a result we only take back the best  – and as a result we are were absolutely delighted that Nikki is now back with us.

So watch this space – as our specialist lease extension team continues to grow.

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