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Birmingham‘s population is now [according to figures released in 2014 by Birmingham City Council] over 1.1 million people.Birmingham Lease Extension solicitors. Logo of Association of leasehold enfranchisement practitioners

And there are probably over 100,000 privately owned flats and apartments – the 2011 Census confirmed that Birmingham contained 86,595 purpose built flats – and that’s before you even start to count up the many thousands of houses  converted into flats over the years.

So with so many leasehold flats in Birmingham, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that it’s a popular area for lease extensions.

However, some people in Britain’s second city will put off extending their lease only to discover that they face far greater expense when they eventually get round to doing so.

Here at Bonallack & Bishop, our specialist solicitors can make sure that you you get a fair deal for your lease extension.

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Specialist lease extension solicitors, like ours, recognise the complexity of both the law and procedure surrounding lease extensions. You need to keep a really close eye on various deadlines – and the process generally is full of pitfalls for those who don’t know what they doing.

Bearing in mind that your landlord is likely to know a good lease extension solicitor it is advisable that you instruct a specialist yourself in order to put yourself in the best position possible. Your solicitors negotiating skills and ability to collect evidence will be central to getting a fair deal. It is also important that they know good surveyors who can value your lease fairly.

Many unscrupulous landlords will attempt to hold up the negation process for so long (or simply refuse to cooperate at all) so that your lease runs down to the 80 year mark and therefore becomes far more expensive to extent. Our solicitors can spot these tricks and if you landlord is being devious or simply difficult, can take the necessary action and if necessary will be able to help you to apply to the First Property Tribunal [previously known and still often referred to as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or LVT].


There are very few firms in England and Wales who specialise in leasehold extension.

Around 10,000 firms don’t . But we do. And we estimate that in 2018, our team will probably help another 350 leaseholders with their lease extensions.

Our firm comprises a lease extension team made up of highly experienced specialists who have helped thousands of clients around the country over the last 35 years. Unlike other property solicitors who do the occasional UK lease extension, our solicitors deal with them all the time – that means they have the expertise you are going to need.

We are members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

But you don’t just need to take our word for it. Here is a testimonial for our team from one of the country’s most highly regarded lease extension surveyors

“As one of the leading and longest established firm of chartered surveyors specialising in leasehold reform, we have worked with Bonallack and Bishop on many occasions. The process is complex and a procedural minefield. Bonallack and Bishop certainly know the ropes and we have always found them knowledgeable and efficient and a joy to deal with”.

Andrew Pridell, Andrew Pridell Associates Ltd – specialist Lease Extension Chartered Surveyor and Valuer, Hove

Click here if you want to see some more testimonials for the team.


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