London Lease Extension Solicitors

Close to 50% of all Londoners live in flats – a figure far higher than for the rest of the UK. If you own a flat, you will need to extend your lease at some point. What many people don’t realise is that the longer they leave their lease extension, the more expense they face.


Contrary to popular belief, lease extension can be a highly complex process. As a result, it is crucial that you instruct a specialist lease extension solicitor and not just a property lawyer who has dabbled in leasehold extensions at some stage in the past. Not only is the legislation surrounding lease extensions convoluted but there are crucial deadlines which must not be missed.

Whilst many landlords are perfectly respectable, a significant number are unfortunately less virtuous. In order to deal with questionable landlords, it is important to instruct a specialist solicitor and you should bear in mind that landlords are likely to instruct specialist lawyers themselves. Landlords will often stall over lease extension negotiations in order to let your lease run down to 80 years (at which point the cost of lease extension increases dramatically). A specialist solicitor will be able to represent you in negotiations and if your landlord is deliberately bringing matters to a standstill your solicitor will be able to take them to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.


Various legal documents will need to be drafted, surveyors appointed and information collected as part of the lease extension process. These things can be done more expeditiously and cost-effectively with one of our solicitors on your side.

The three-strong team of lease extension solicitors has experience stretching back over a quarter of a century and we therefore have the experience and know-how you require for your lease extension.

We are also members of Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP), a body dedicated to specialist lease extension and and freehold enfranchisement surveyors and solicitors. Furthermore, the government funded Leasehold Advisory Service website lists our solicitors as specialists in this field.


We understand that clients in London are unlikely to be able to visit us in office and this is no problem whatsoever. In most cases we can interact with clients purely through phone, email or Skype.

To arrange a consultation or receive a quote for your lease extension, email us using the contact form below, or call 01722 422300.