Leases and tenancies – what’s the difference?

Those who are considering a lease extension, and who aren’t trained lawyers, are often confused by the simple fact that not only do the terms tenant, lessee and leaseholder mean exactly the same as far as the law is concerned, they are often used in a different context.

Those dealing with lease extensions have a tendency to use the word tenancy to refer to a short lease [often one originally granted for less than 21 years] and leaseholder when it comes to a longer lease. So when you come to extend your lease, don’t let the terminology confuse you. If you’re not sure what someone means when they refer to a tenant or leaseholder – just ask them.

Thinking of extending your lease – you need our help

Those considering a leasehold extension are going to need a specialist solicitor to help them, Why? Because the legal process can be highly complex. Our lease extension team have the experience and expertise needed to help, so:

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