Lease Extension Calculators versus Specialist Surveyors

The importance of specialist advice in the area of leasehold extension cannot be stressed enough and whilst there are a number of good lease extension calculators online, the best person to give you professional unbiased advice on the potential cost is a specialist lease extension surveyor.

Leasehold extensions are a niche area with strict rules on deadlines and interpretation and the fact is that even the vast majority of surveyors, let alone lessees, rarely come across lease extensions and therefore cannot accurately advise on how to value them. In most cases, leaseholders or potential leaseholders cannot know what is a reasonable amount to pay their landlord for an extended lease or how much to discount from an offer on a property with a short lease.

A specialist lease extension surveyor will:

• advise on the offer to be made to the landlord in the leaseholder’s Notice

• advise on the response to the landlord’s Counter-Notice

• carry out a valuation to assess the lease extension premium

• conduct negotiations with the landlord on behalf of the leaseholder

• provide expert evidence at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal if required

Looking for a Lease Extension Specialist?

Lease extension is a complex area of law. If you’re thinking of extending your lease, get in touch with our team of specialist lease extension solicitors today who will guide you through this complex process and help eliminate the worry from what can be a stressful situation for both lessees and freeholders.

What’s more, we have a network of specialist lease extension surveyors throughout England and Wales and our team can put you in touch with a valuer local to you who really understands this complex field.

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