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As well as being able to a offer comprehensive and specialist lease extension service, our solicitors also work on a range of other property law matters. Covering everything from freehold purchase to right to manage company formation, our property law solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in a number of niche areas of law which are covered in detail in our other dedicated websites i.e.;

http://extendingalease.co.uk This is a specialist niche website that looks at the issue of the right to lease extension. It covers reasons you might like to consider extending the lease on your flat, how our solicitors can help you do this and detailed information on the alternative options available if you decide extending a lease is not for you. It also provides case studies and information such as who is eligible to extend a lease and how much it is likely to cost.

http://freehold-purchase.co.uk/– If you are currently a leaseholder of a house or flat, you may be eligible to buy the freehold, which gives you more control over your property. This is the subject of this website: it looks at what buying freehold property involves and the benefits of doing it. It also looks at how our right to manage solicitors are able to help you, the legislation behind  the freehold right to buy  as well asother useful information such as the responsibilities you take on when exercising your for your right to buy and information about the legal and other costs associated with the process.

http://righttomanagecompanyuk.co.uk/– If you are interested in forming a right to manage company then this website will be able to help you. UK RTM [ as the right to manage is sometimes known ] is a specialist area of law so it’s important you use solicitors who really know what they’re doing – you can find details on the site of why our solicitors are well-placed to assist you. You can also find information such as why you might like to consider the right to manage, how it works, the role of the right to manage company and the responsibilities associated with them.

http://www.enfranchisementsolicitors.co.uk/ – This website deals with multiple issues surrounding lease enfranchisement, leasehold extension and the formation of right to manage companies. These include how our lease extension solicitors can help you , how you can obtain the right to manage your block of flats, buying the freehold of your property and what to do if you are a landlord whose tenants want to invoke one of these rights. It also looks at enfranchisement valuation and important FAQs.

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